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Educational Activities

The following is a summary of our Global COE educational programs that will be implemented in order to encourage human resource development:

  1. Research Guidance beyond Majors or Fields: we promote restructuring program curricula and tutoring on how to write high-quality research papers in order to foster researchers with broad perspectives and rich expertise.
  2. We will carry out an “Laboratory Exchange Program,” in which graduate students in both the departments of Psychology and Education will work together through research exchanges and daily visits.
  3. Implementation of World-wide Research and Dissemination of Our Project to the World: We encourage our students to study abroad at the world’s highest-level academic institutes with which official academic exchange agreements have been adopted. We also encourage students to submit papers to various international journals and to attend international conferences. We will also develop the International Young Psychologist Workshop (implemented in the academic years of 2003-2006), which has been well-received by graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in and outside Japan.
  4. Post-Doctoral Program: We will recruit five post-doctoral researchers by public advisement and will expand this recruitment to non-Japanese nationals working at foreign academic institutes.
  5. Career Development Support Program after Graduate School: We will support student job hunting, not only for academic paths such as universities but also other for psychological or educational positions at national institutes and private companies such as think tanks or medical-related positions.

The following chart indicates our supporting system of how young researchers, including doctoral students, can obtain a tenure track position. After screening we will offer research funding to selected graduate students and will hire three assistant professors by world-wide general advertisement, and we will also offer research funding for young professors in their thirties who have not yet or only recently received tenure.

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