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Global Network

The following is a description of our progress in making our Global COE a basis of international activity and an implementation plan for the project.

  1. University of Michigan, USA: We will encourage research that is based on the academic exchange agreement adopted at the Kyoto University International Symposium that took place at the University of Michigan in December 2003. Specifically, we will promote our research by closely cooperating with the University of Michigan, as it has implemented comparative cultural studies on happiness.
  2. Lancaster University, Great Britain: Based on the international symposium of cognitive psychology and developmental psychology held at Lancaster University in October 2006, we will promote joint international research on “development of practical (executive) functions.” This was based on the academic exchange agreement between departments at the two universities. Further, we will host an international symposium at Kyoto University in December 2007.
  3. China National Institute for Educational Research, China: In October 2006, the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, concluded an academic exchange agreement with China National Institute for Educational Research. Later, both universities co-funded a “Japan-China cooperate educational research center.” More concretely, comparison studies on academic achievement of the students in Japan and China will be jointly implemented, and a set of educational policies that will be useful for national educational reform is planned.
  4. Beijing Normal University, China: We will promote joint research with Beijing Normal University based on the academic exchange agreement concluded at the Japan China Joint Educational International Symposium held at the Beijing Normal University in June 2006. A continuing seminar series operated mainly by graduate students of both schools is expected. Simultaneously, exchange programs and activities involving assistant professors from both universities are also planned.
  5. The Free University of Berlin, Germany: Based on conferences such as the International Symposium (Kyoto) in March 2005, the Japan-Germany Symposium (Berlin) in July 2006 and another conference held in Japan in February 2007, risk management studies will be explored through symposia-centered activities led mainly by graduate students.
  6. The Institute of Education at London University, Great Britain: In May 2004, October 2005, and again in November 2006 the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University hosted a British professor whose major is education, and graduate students at Kyoto University received his tutelage. This professor moved to the Institute of Education at London University. Since this institute is one of the leading institutes in Europe in the field of education, and since the institute has been actively exchanging with Beijing Normal University, we will encourage faculty and graduate student exchanges in which mutual relations between the education and psychology fields can be fostered.

We will promote these exchange activities with overseas institutions and create further networks so that we can employ or invite the highest-level researchers and young researchers inside and outside of Japan. We will also cooperate with overseas research institutes and actively disseminate information from Kyoto University. One first step is to translate our Global COE website into English, especially major research activities.

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