Website updated


The website of global COE "Revitalizing education for global hearts and minds" has been updated and opened to the public. The format of the website has been changed dramatically, and we look forward to making further user-friendly improvements to the website.

Results of global COE recruitment


The following are the results of the positions recruited for the Global COE program. Please refer to the attachment for details.

071010_result.doc (Japanese)

A total of 111 national and private universities in Japan applied for the Global COE program. After screening by the Committee of the Global COE, 6 programs from Kyoto University were selected as Global COE programs (63 COE projects at 28 universities were adopted).

Global COE programs are based on the report by the Central Council for Education in September 2005 on "graduate education in a new era--how we can initiate internationally attractive graduate school education" and the decision by the Governmental Cabinet of March 2006 on "Science and Technology Basic Plan" and has the following objectives:

  • to develop and enrich the function of graduate education programs in Japan;
  • to encourage creative human resources development to train world leaders who are capable of conforming to the highest standards of research;
  • to support forming internationally prominent educational research institutes;
  • and thereby to promote making universities in Japan highly competitive internationally.