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Greetings from the Project Leader

Masuo KoyasuWith the adoption of our Global COE program Revitalizing Education for Dynamic Hearts and Minds applied by the Graduate School of Education, the project has started this year and will continue for the next five years.  Succeeding its predecessor, “21st Century COE program,” “Global COE” is a national project that was planned as an attempt to promote graduate education in Japan by emphasizing international activities and human resource development.  This year’s adoption of the Global COE program was quite limited; only 63 projects in 5 research areas (6 projects were selected as Global COE programs from Kyoto University) were selected from all the prefectures and only 12 projects were adopted from the humanities area.

Our Global COE project proved to be valuable and was evaluated as such because of its rich experiences and products from the precursor COE project Center for Excellence for Psychological Studies (Graduate School of Letters), Attractive Graduate Education Initiative, and training to prepare education researchers by providing theoretical and practical approaches (Graduate School of Education).  Furthermore, dynamic collaboration with faculty studying psychology and education fields, both of which are based on three pillars: experimental, practical and clinical approaches (including the faculty from the Graduate School of Letters and Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies), was highly rated and thus was selected as one of the Global COE programs.   

Both of our project goals, “Education for Revitalizing Hearts and Minds” and “International Comparative Studies on Happiness,” are difficult tasks to accomplish. However, we believe that they are academically and socially essential themes and therefore worth the commitment of our researchers.  We look forward to opening our project to the public, and we do appreciate strong participation and cooperation by society.

Masuo Koyasu, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Graduate School of Education
Kyoto Univerity

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